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    Default Need a LA program

    Ok we have been struggling through Winter Promise LA1. It is way overwhelming for my DD1. She went through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons last year with no struggles. She can read stories like Amelia Bedelia and other easy readers. This squirrel book is too much on one page and has words that she doesn't know at all. Also it seems as though it doesn't 'get harder' as the year goes on but starts hard and stays that way for the whole book. Maybe b/c the kids start at different levels and the parent can adjust through the year? I know it suggests to have the parent read some until the child can take over but I am reading most of it with her reading maybe 6 sentences each day. When we pick up the book you can see the excitement leave her face

    I was hoping the reader would have something to do with the actual program we are using (HiH).

    Also the spelling words are crazy. We have had bark three times over the 11 weeks we have been doing school. Also this week they have words together that I would think confuse the kids. Her, sure, bird. They all have the 'er' sound but are spelled differently. Wouldn't you introduce them separately so it wouldn't confuse the kids?

    Could someone suggest a program that might work well for us? I really enjoy WP for history and science but think we need to go elsewhere for spelling/phonics/grammer. I need to purchase next years curriculum in Feb so I am also looking for whole programs as well. I need for a K and 2nd grade. Thanks
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    we did LA1 last year and it was the same for us. the only different is that the readers where easier cause we had the older program. we use the suggested books for the subject we where studying that year. those book where a bit easier to read. we finally just went to SL readers.

    but i know what you are talking about the spelling words. we had a hard time too. this year i have put together my own program for LA. but i'd like to go back to something pre-boxed.
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    We had the same problem with LA1, but with the old readers. I tried it when our oldest DD was in 1st, and I finally had to scrap it.

    Take a look at some of the things we did. They worked for us. We continued with ETC books (where ever your DD is at) and we added in The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading (OPGTR). It isn't very fun, but it got the job done, and there are games about every 2 weeks or so, depending on how fast you go through the material. OPGTR is extremely well rounded. It is scripted; I know some hate that, but I was so desperate after doing WP LA1 that I didn't care and made it work. I have heard of people making tiny booklets for OPGTR and having the child illustrate.

    We also had the same problem with spelling. It was extremely hard for her to remember 3 -er sounding words with different spellings. For spelling we are doing All About Spelling (AAS). It took us a bit to fit her into it, as I felt she wasn't remembering the rules outside of the spelling lessons, but now she is making real progress in 3rd grade. She's not a natural speller. AAS is parent intensive, but it makes so much sense. I also noticed after beginning this program their reading skills jumped exponentially. Some use it for phonics and reading, but it would move rather slowly.

    I would go to the library and get other Amelia Bedelia type books, take a look at SL's grade 2 readers and get those too. Frog and Toad, Nate the Great. There are a lot of those, and DD loved them all.

    I would focus on her reading now and then possibly next year jumping into some grammar. We did do First Language Lessons too, though. I checked it out at our library and we liked it and it worked.

    I hope that helps. At least it gives you a place to start looking. I was in the exact same boat as you are now, and I remember feeling like a failure and fluttering about, but then axed it. It was the best decision I made.
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    My first grader is using Writing with Ease, All About Spelling and All About Reading (when it comes out) although it looks like your dd is beyond that but that's what Lance is uisng.
    My 3rd grader is having trouble with WP1. Now he is using Fast Track and hopefully he'll be ready for WP1 after he finishes.

    Have you looked at Growing with Grammar, Winning with Writing and Soaring with Spelling.
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    It sounds like it is not the right pace. AAS is a very logical program that does what you say = it breaks up the patterns and teaches one skill for each lesson.

    And I've always thought the LA1 readers where for the advanced reader. I think I would just use the books as readalouds - since you own them.

    Then find some easier reading material. A reasonable addition to any program is Reading Pathways = pattern based. (by Hiskes)

    I wonder if adding in some more reading of each pattern and extending the program to 1.5 years would do it?


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