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Thread: At What Age Do You Begin Teaching Cursive Writing?

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    Default At What Age Do You Begin Teaching Cursive Writing?

    The question of the week is: At what age do you begin to teach your child cursive writing?
    Dd has been begging for me to teach her cursive writing using the italic method. Since LLATL doesn't begin teaching cursive writing until the third grade level I told her she would have to wait until we were using the yellow book level. Her response was to "Let's skip the red level and move onto the yellow book so I can learn to write fancy cursive!" LOL!
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    Default Interesting conversation

    I had an interesting conversation today with a p.s. mom and her dd is learning cursive along with printing in first grade. I was commenting on how my ds while in 3rd grade p.s. started cursive and then it was abandoned before making it through the alphabet. Nothing in 4th grade. I h.s. him for 5th and we did it then.

    The real answer probably depends on the child's fine motor skills. I would think cursive would require control more than printing. You could try some and see how it goes.
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    My ds wanted to learn cursive, but he didn't follow through once I bought him
    a book. I suspect it was more work than he anticipated. I believe in following the child's lead to some extent, so I let him try at age 6, but won't require him to follow through until it's scheduled in our WP LA.
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    I personally started it with my kids in 3rd grade. I could have started my daughter even younger because she had good fine motor skills.
    I would let your daughter give cursive a try and see how she does with it. Tell her you'll give it a "trial run", if you want.
    I would only do that though if her printing is pretty good though.
    I tried Italic cursive with my older daughter and ditched it. I've also used D'nealian and Zaner-Bloser, lol.
    Finally I settled on HWOT (Handwriting Without Tears) for my youngest. That was the best decision concerning handwriting that I ever did. I didn't like how it looked compared to all of the other handwriting programs but it's been the easiest to teach and also makes the nicest results for ds.

    Anyway, if she is so gung-ho about it, you can always let her give it a try. I have heard that some parents teach cursive in first grade so that it becomes more automatic by the time the child is older.
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    My ds JUST asked.... actually it was during church and I let him scribble in a book and I thought it would be funny and wrote his name in cursive to have him try to copy it and take up some time... then he wanted more and more. We just got home from a friends and they have a poster of teh alphabet in cursive and he was like "Mom!!!! LOOK!!! I want that!!!" guess I better oblige and we will see how it goes.

    I was taught cursive in PreK (in Europe) but was banned from actually using it in school until 3rd grade...

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    We start cursive when the children are begging to learn and I feel their fine motor skills are ready. That seems to be around age 7-8 for us. We use A Reason for Handwriting, and that has worked well for us.
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    I think we started around the end of second grade. Mostly I based it upon when they had mastered the art of printing neatly and had the fine motor skills to learn it.
    Alisa-Mom of 3

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